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Your inner beauty appears in the glow of your skin, the sparkle in your eyes, the shine of your hair and the curves of your body. Just The Right Age makes it all possible through integrative medicine, which blends the very latest medical knowledge with natural, holistic practices.

  • Do you long for a healthy body and mind? Are you ready to regain the youthful energy you once had? Start with a total body assessment and a complete brain/mind assessment. The best way to get the life you want tomorrow is to know where you are today. Schedule your initial consultation.
  • Beauty isn’t skin deep when it begins with healthy bones and joints. When you’re out of pain and your hormones are in balance, you feel young again. Live longer, be healthier and enjoy every moment. Rebalance and Regenerate your body.
  • Does your body continue to hold onto embarrassing fat deposits — under your arms, on your neck or around your thighs? After you’ve improved your diet and increased your exercise routine, you deserve to show off the results. Get the aesthetic procedures to put the finishing touches on the new you.


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Just The Right Age holistic health care Murray Utah

Treatments Tailor-Made for You

At Just The Right Age, we address a variety of different health issues that women and men face and we create customized treatments to address those issues.

Just The Right Age - A Holistic Approach to Good Health

Start your treatment with assessments of your current health. After the assessment, we create a personalized plan to reach your health goals. Your physical health, mental acuity and emotional state are intertwined. By improving each, you improve all. Hormones play a large role — and often are disrupted as you age.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, estrogen dominance, low testosterone or sexual dysfunction, we can help you return to good health.

While you can’t hide from your genetic makeup, you can reduce the likelihood of developing any diseases you’re predisposed to. Your diet and lifestyle cause more age-related symptoms than your genes.

Everyone has toxins in their bodies. It’s just a fact of modern life. But through state-of-the-art methods like chelation detox intravenous drips and other natural procedures, you can rid your body of the harmful effects of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and other artificial agents that are weakening your body.

At the same time, you can get the help and motivation you need to lose your excess weight. Maintaining an ideal weight contributes to a healthier, longer life. You see men and women living past the age of 100, but none of them are overweight. Weight management is one of the keys to longevity.

To regain the health and vitality that you enjoyed as a younger person, you can no longer take for granted your nutrition and diet. You can still work your body into shape through diet and exercise, but you now need to be mindful of the vitamins and nutrients you’re taking in. Your nutritional needs change as you age.

Exercise has always been part of a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not getting enough movement in your life, you’re limiting your physical health and introducing weaknesses not just to your muscles, but to your immune system as well. Examples of exercise and movement include yoga, aerobics, jogging, swimming, weight training, hiking, walking and cycling.

Exercise offers many benefits, such as lowering your heart rate, helping you lose weight, maintaining strong bones and joints, keeping you mentally sharp, raising your energy level and improving your skin tone.

While you’re changing your life with a nutritious diet, balanced hormones and invigorating movement, you may decide to give your confidence a boost with aesthetic procedures. Find options to tighten your skin or remove varicose veins. Aesthetic and anti-aging or treatments make you feel great and look even better.

Other aesthetic procedures include:

  • Anti-aging techniques such as facials, peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, dermal fillers and injectables
  • Facial techniques like microblading eyebrows and eyelash extensions
  • Preventing, managing or even reversing hair loss
  • Treating hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating
"Just The Right Age helped me to feel and look better with a comprehensive approach to my health and appearance. Thank you Don!"
Just The Right Age holistic health care Murray Utah
Brenda Greene
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